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Good Day. My name is Tracy Kidd and I was born just outside Salt Lake City, Utah, and I have lived my whole life in the Salt Lake Valley. The lathe that I use is 200 years old and has been our my family for several generations. The story I was told by my Grandfather (Oscar) is that it came across the plains with the Mormon Pioneers. To the best of my knowledge it goes back to my 3rd Great Grandfather (William), both he and my 2nd Great Grandfather (Robert) immigrated to the US from England in the year 1866. Both came straight to Utah. At some point my Great Grandfather (John) ended up with the lathe. The first documented piece we have that was turned on this lathe was in 1947 and signed by John. My mother remembers him woodturning in his garage and at that time it was treadle lathe. When he passed away in 1958 the lathe went to my Grandfather (Oscar). At that time he converted the lathe from a treadle to a motor driven. My grandfather was the one who taught me how to use the lathe. One of the first piece I did was when I was only 11 years old, it was a small box with a lid. My grandfather passed away in 1992 and the lathe went to me. It has been in my possession ever since. Here are a few pictures of my ancestors and of the lathe.